3d model help!

Hello! I would like to ask a help.

I am facing a difficulty on making ‘walls’ on my model because of the curves, and I have to make a plane out of those curves. Is there any way I can do to make a plane? I need the plane to have a thickness of 12 mm If it’s possible!

You need to give us a bit more to go on.
If you attach the model we should be able to give you some specific help.

Sample.skp (237.5 KB)

I have attached the file. I want to make a surface of the curved and arched lines that I’ve made. I tried curviloft, but it fails, and I didn’t get far from manually altering the plane.

Have a look at Soap skin bubble, it may be more appropriate for the shape you are after.

Thank you! I will try that!

Also, is there any way that I can block an area of the curved surface so I can put some color and texture on? I want to give it some color like this. And maybe some thickness?

You can show Hidden Geometry, then color in the individual faces of the curved surfaces.

I see.

Thank you for the help, both of you! It’s very helpful!