I need some help with my model

I am designing a building at the moment and cannot seem to do the top. What i want is a curved roof which keeps the lines going up and at the top but the building is curved and its really hard for me cause im new to this. If someone could do it for my that would be amazing! There’s a line already there at the top of the building. Thanks!

Also I know this is alot to ask but the curves in the building themselves are all rectangles if you could make them perfect curves that would also be amazing!

Dubai World Towers.skp (785.4 KB)

I don’t know from the description what you want the top to look like.

Could you do freehand pencil sketches on paper, then scan and upload them?

Or is it simply that you want the top of the outer (pinkish) skin to spiral upwards?

there is a spiral line on the pinkish one i want that spiral in the top of it

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Will try tonight or tomorrow.

The ‘outside’ pinkish wall has no thickness. Does it need some?

that would be cool but don’t make it too deep thanks!