Assistance with roof?


Hello people!

I’m quite new to sketchup and I’ve got a project in school which has to be turned in quite soon.
I’m doing a house and i’ve gotten as far as the roof which i’m stuck on. is there anyone who could assist me?


There is a lots of folks that can help if you post some thing they can help with. The best is to post the problem skp along with the specific question(s)


Help.skp (141.0 KB)

Here’s the porject, can someone please give me a hand with the roof?


You’ll find Aidan Chopra’s series of roof videos helpful.


The problem is that I can’t get a flat surface on the building. The walls go through the “roof” that I apply and there’s lots of holes


You don’t give any clues as to what the roof should look like: pitch, ridge(s), overhang etc.
The most simple roof form (flat) maybe takes about 20 seconds. One ridge slightly more. But that is probably not what you are after. Your file unfortunately lackes specific questions.


Hey, are you available for a small chat?


What you are calling the roof is just the ceiling cap for that 1 st ground floor. The roof would extend up form the roof plate at that point I 'am guessing. It looks like you have inter mixed the outer load bearing walls with interior walls plus it appears to be a fire place? It is easy enough to draw a gable roof but it may not have any relation with what you want. As noted form follows function as we say so you need to watch some how-to videos, or search and find what you want and then let us know.


Any one having problems with George’s attached videos I get nada???


No, no problem at all with these video’s.


Thanks I at least have the html but no display and up to date on all updates=> TS time:(


Well thanks for the reponses guys. Here’s an example of what kind of roof I was looking for. And also… there’s no fireplace. Perhaps it’s the closet that you saw?


A few months ago I started having issues viewing YouTube video.
As it turned out, the problem was my ISP’s domain name servers weren’t able to handle the traffic.
Switching to Google’s public DNS solved the problem.

Using Google Public DNS.pdf (185.5 KB)


Thanks Geo, have not had a chance to try but guess is you are spot on;)


Sorry to say changing the DNS did not work but I noted 7 sites on this page were being block by windows and when they were un-blocked things are working ok now:)
When tracking protection is re-enabled the links ( 5 services) provided by Geo. are blocked but not Keewooz