Roof construction problem

I am constructing the roof shown here (the top gable area on the right). It looks like it should be simple, but I can’t get SU to make a face. It could be that the upper right side of the gable has a slanted bottom, plus the area under the gable is recessed.

Any construction tips?

(I’ll post the roof plan i a second message since for some reason I’m not allowed to post two).

This is the roof plan.

uploading the skp file is the best option, it’s impossible to guess your process…

Unnecessarily complicated roofs… love it :smile:
temp.skp (310.5 KB)

So which exact bit are you having a problem with?


I finally got it to work after I zoomed in very close and found one line just a hair off!

often the case - in the model above one of the bits isn’t quite right, but it looks OK so I left it (if it had been a proper model I would have fixed it.)

You’d be amazed how common that problem is! And it really does take just a hair…

And the most common cause is not using the inference system carefully while creating entities.