Need help in roofing my project :( (Student here)

My project is so difficult to roof :confused: I’m using google sketchup 8 btw.
Help.skp (82.4 KB)

Thanks for noting that you are a student. If this is a homework or class project, on this forum we much prefer to help you learn the techniques necessary instead of doing your work for you! Also thanks for attaching your model.

Can you describe in more detail exactly what tools and process you have been using and what issues you are encountering?

I don’t know how to roof the house properly or maybe it’s just difficult to roof it because it takes an unsual form? Also I’ve tried roofing it by making a triangle and just used the “Follow me” tool. But things won’t connect and it’s confusing me. Got my Building Design subject and I’m still a newbie at this. Btw this is the top view of the house(without roof yet):

Your method of using Follow me does work…I tried it before. Unfortunately I didn’t save the result. Of course, it will only work if the roof is the same pitch all around…which it appears to be.

Just create a triangular profile, created from the angle of the roof itself (draw a line midpoint base to midpoint top), the short drop down to the flat roof; and a line joining them up. Then run it around a plan of the edge of the roof. Don’t place the profile at a corner though…or it definitely won’t join up. Place the starting position about halfway down one side, then run Follow me.

Animation of what @AlanF described:

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I was actually thinking something more like this. :wink:
Although it’s difficult to know which is best without actually knowing what the intended result is.

roof.skp (60.6 KB)

Thank you for the response guys! Another problem I’m encountering now is that I can’t print a scaled model of my floor plan. I already unchecked “fit to page” and “use model extents” but I can’t enter the scale I want in the boxes.

ci joint un exemple.

monte la toiture bleu , puis la rouge , puis la verte.

ci joint non exemple.

monte la toiture bleu, PUI la rouge, la verte Puis.toit.skp (16.5 KB)