Complicated roof

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I found a house plan on sketchup warehouse. I modified it extensively to suit me. I have tried to draw the exact replica of the roof in the original house but I struggled. I have attached the picture of the modified plan and original plan (red concrete tile). Your help will be appreciated Uploading…

Attach your model and ask your question. I don’t know what help you seek.

Alas, it appears that of the two images you meant us to compare only one loaded, so we haven’t anything to go on!

Please describe in more detail what you struggled with and what specific problems you ran into. Try to pose explicit questions for us to answer. When you just ask for help we are not sure what you really need. And if at all possible, as jvlee has said, upload the model you are working with (note: the forum limits uploads to 3MB, so if you file(s) are larger than that you will need to load them to a site with a larger limit such as DropBox or the 3DWarehouse and post a link here).

These tutorials by Aidan Chopra may help…

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Please find attached my model.

My question is how do I go about drawing the roof on my model to look like
the picture I attached.

Unfortunately, your post did not include a model, so it remains difficult to offer a finite remedy by accessing and evaluating your work.

The information shown in the videos uploaded by @Geo will most definitely guide you in the right direction to accurately create various types of roof models. If you want to post your model, one or more of the forum participants may be able to provide a greater level of detail for your inquiry.

To upload a model, click the arrow in the reply box (7th icon from the left), browse to the file location, and dbl click on the appropriate skp file.

. Thank you for your response. I have tried to better rephrase my question. I have attached the floor plan and the image of how I want the roof to look like. . I used the follow me tool to create the roof and I can only manage to come with these . My question is how do I go about drawing the entrance roof to be separate from the house roof.

Still no model file is provided. It’s difficult to assess the issue just by looking at your images.

I’m only able to upload files less than 3 mb, my model is 8 mb . I can share the Model via email, Google Drive or Dropbox. thanks

You seem to be 90% there: all you need to do is group the relevant geometry, move it up and patch the holes it left.

Try to “purge” the model and see if that reduces it in size for upload. (Window | model info | statistics | [purge unused] ) a link to the Model

Hi George, Thank you for posting the videos on modeling roofs. These were very helpful to me. I am new to SketchUp, The SketchUp community is fantastic. I cant say enough about the level of knowledge, skill and willingness to share and help others.

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