Roof modelling problem


Got this museum roof modelled in 3D Max then imported as SketchUp file.

Could someone teach me a way to model it in SketchUp please? I suppose it cannot be done without the use of one or several extensions.

As you can see the rounded roof front & back edges are at a different high then it comes the holes for the upper windows.

Because exporting from Max to SketchUp the model gets triangular faces which in the Enscape render looks weird despite the roof texture/colour is just a plain light blue colour with no texture.

I suppose the problem is the triangular faces. I suppose too that modelling it in SketchUp the roof would be squared faces which would not deform the look of the surface when rendering.


Probably no extensions are needed. If the shape is conical then it would be a simple Follow Me tool operation, and the window holes could be substracted with Solid Tools.
Post the model if you need less general observations. Some of the triangulation might diappear if you used the Cleanup extension.

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museum roof October 19.skp (392.4 KB)
Hey Ansi

Attached the SketchUp file.

Did try cleaning it up with the extension but it did not help despite fixing the amount of faces.

If you or someone else can model it, it would be great :slight_smile: . I would like to learn how to do it tho, so a little tutorial it would be awesome :smiley:


Learn the basics of SketchUp at


over your model


Thanks minhai.s! Idea for Live Stream. Arron, Tyson, and Eric could take request modeling something Simultaneously and seeing how many different ways (including Plugins) one might model something. We could all vote for our favorite. Then we can discuss the Benefits and Pitfalls of various methods. Like a Skill Builder and Shootout all in One.

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I redid your roof with FollowMe and substracted the holes. It is probably not 100% accurate. Your model had numerous small glitches - for instance the ends of the roof were not quite planar so I had to make a few assumptions.
museum roof october 19-2.skp (72.2 KB)

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Great community indeed :slight_smile:

Geeees the follow me tool, I should have thought about it in first place :face_with_peeking_eye:

@ Anssi, thanks a lot for using your time modelling the roof :slight_smile: as you can see the roof texture is smooth now. The windows holes you made did not match the exact location of my original file, but well, it would be my task to model it until the holes are located properly.

@ mihai.s awesome tutorial mate although you make it looks so so easy :innocent: THANK YOU FOR THE TUTORIAL!

@ zvan2000 love the idea of seeing different ways to model it!!, after all we all here to learn from the best.

Must say that I am a guru with 3D Studio Max and every time I have a shape in SketchUp which is not a box, I always model it in Max and export it to SketchUp using a plugin for Max.

Thank you all, help appreciated :smiley:

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You’re welcome!

Maybe it’s easier for you… a method with the working style and terminology of 3ds Max (Edit Poly, Array, Shell), but with SketchUp tools and extensions (Fredo JPP, Solid Tools, Curic Align)

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