Complex Shapes Need help!

Hi all i have poblems doing this roof so can some one help me out

What’s the problem? Please be specific. Or would you like to hire someone to do it for you?

Well i need some one toshow me how i can do this roof model

Can you show what you got so far? It’d help narrow down the scope of the answer.

This is Exported in 3dsmax

It’s not entirely clear what you’re after. The following was produced using the Curviloft plugin. Is that what you’re looking for?



Well its something but will try i hope some one get much better results but this one is good too

Better in what way? Hard to tell what you’re looking for and what’s the issue. If you sharpen up the description of what you want, you’ll probably come a lot closer to getting it.



The roof as u can see i cant get design of it i cant get it the right shape of the roof