Help! roof modelling

Could anyone please tell me step by step on how to create this roof in the image? And the plugins involved.

You could try with Curviloft plugin, something like this:


You could use Artisan Organic Toolset’s subdivide tool.

First you draw a low poly version.

Then you can subdivide it to make it more rounded.

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This may be a quick way if you are not to experienced -

I started by making the best guess on size - likely 16" tall and roughly 2 16’ diameter circles to form the walls.

Once I created the whole roof volume, I used the scale tool to begin shrinking the top of the roof.

Modeling needs to be done on the underside.

You might consider adding the dormers before scaling the peak of the roof with this method.

Thank you so much. this really helped

Thanks! This is the easiest way

You can create the form a little more accurately by using layers -

The bottom of the roof needs to be trimmed using something like a block with an s shaped top surface.

Image shows addition of a dormer (started as a half circle pulled up in 2 layers).

If you want it to look very authentic, you could try @eneroth3 extension - Erode.

This process would look like more or less complete (can make this much more accurate if required by modelling at 10x scale, etc.) -