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Hey all, complete beginner question here, I am following come tutorials online to find my way around sketchup and trying to make a basic roof on a building, however I seem to be following the tutorial step by step but cannot see where I am going wrong! When trying to design the roof and use the push/pull tool I seem to be getting an empty void with just a face and not a box.

Greatful for support and advice, I have attached the image for reference.


What tutorials are you trying to follow? Can you share your actual model rather than a screenshot? The more info you can supply us with, the better chance we can help you out!

Check these tutorials out : SketchUp Campus and SketchUp - YouTube

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Does the tutorial you’re following explain first something about groups and components? it seems that you have loose geometry, the walls must be grouped before making the roof, otherwise the roof will get glued to the walls and any thing else that isn’t grouped. Check the links that Dave provided, on the sketchup website there are great free courses for beginners made by members of the sketchup team. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that either don’t explain well how to use the program or the people who made the tutorial doesn’t know how to model properly.

Hey, thanks for replying,

I am using TheSketchUpEssentials Sketchup FREE lesson 2

I did seem to work around it using the line tool? I seemed to click once and it seemed to understand what I was trying to do and filled the space in. Possible good workaround but not sure if it’s the best way?


Hi Francis, not to do with sticky components, the house was grouped separately, I was trying to push pull the roofline back but it was ending up as an empty space. Maybe there was a missing action, but I can’t seem to work out what it is!

Great, thank you - I will have a look at these!

Have you contacted Justin (the creator of that content) to ask for help? I personally am not familiar with the course, but I bet there are some here who might be able to help, if you shared you actual SketchUp file.

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