Tutorial video chapter two

I just signed up for sketch free, and I was using the tutorial chapter two and I was unable to create a roof as the video did. On my MacBook Air when
I drew the lines to create a roof on the house as it says in the tutorial, but on mine the shape did not become solid, so I am stuck. I can’t finish the tutorial I can’t extrude the shape to create the roof. I have done it multiple times and it doesn’t seem to fill in as a solid shape as in the video. I have been working on this one issue for hours and I am unable to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Download your model file to your computer and then share it here by dragging and dropping the .skp file into a reply. Let us see what you’ve got and help you identify where it went pear shaped.

SketchUp.pdf (205.7 KB) If you look at the drawing, the lines at the front are supposed to be the outline of the roof. They should fill in as a solid on the plane of the front of the house. The next step is to extrude the front of the roof to the back of the house. I redrew those lines multiple times but they would never fill in as it did on the tutorial. I am sure I am just missing something. Thanks for helping out on a Friday night. Mark

Please send the .skp file, not a PDF.

tutorialone.skp (201.8 KB) Sorry about that I didn’t know how to save a file like that but I looked it up. I am still learning about this stuff

No worries. The s.kp file makes your problem easily identifiable.

You’ve got the two angle edges and the central vertical but you need edges to close the loops to get faces. The horizontal edge along the top of the wall is isolated in the group you made for the walls.

To get the end faces you need to use the Line tool to draw a new horizontal edge across the bottom endpoints.

After you have the faces, you can erase the vertical edge in the middle so you have a single triangle.

Note that since the face forming the ceiling at the top of the walls is loose geometry, it will join with the roof geometry when you use Push/Pull on the triangle at the gable end.

Thanks for the help, I am looking forward to getting proficient with this software, but I have a long way to go. Thanks again. Mark

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