Drawing the roof...don't know how to draw it

this is my first question, I’m just approaching to Sketchup but I use everyday Autocad and Revit.
I have some problems about drawing the roof following the way in the pic. It will be like a shell turtle.
Might anyone help me please?

I attach a photo.
Thank you

Look at extensions like Fredo’s CurviLoft and my ExtrusionTools [available from http://sketchucation.com/pluginstore ]
These allow you to do complex extruded shell forms like this…

You really are learning to run before you can walk…

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Ok I have done it…now the problem is how to close the roof…I tried some times to extrude with follow me and curviloft but without any good result.
Any advice?
Thank you

“Underneath” the surface are a lot of hidden edges that reveal how the roof is created by triangles. In menu View > turn on Hidden Geometry to see these edges.

Select and explode the end arc of your roof to see its individual endpoints. Now “stitch” the end section, arc endpoints to arc endpoints, together with the Line tool, forming new triangles. They’ll form the last part of your roof surface. Last step is to smooth the new drawn edges with the Eraser tool while holding down [Crtl].