How to convert arches into solid forms?

Pavillion as Existent.skp (783.2 KB)
Trying to get those arches into a solid form to form the roof. Not sure if I’m following the right path, and the curves for the roof are not done yet. Any tips about it? Many thanks!

I can help you.
First a couple of questions:
Are you familiar with the Follow Me tool?
Are you familiar with any Weld line extensions?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Lindsey
I was trying to use Follow Me for the first time yesterday, and not sure if there is the Welding tool on the online app.

So you’re using my.SketchUp?

There are several Weld plugins but my.SketchUp doesn’t have a facility to use plugins or extensions.

Yes, my computer is gone for good and using a chromebook at the moment.

I’ll move this thread to the proper forum, then.

Sorry for the bother Dave! I’ll follow your advice. Do you have a link for it!?

It’s no bother and I’ve already moved it.

Amazing! Thanks!

Okay no problem about the Weld extension.
In thinking about arched roofs and shell roof design, I first thought about a couple of case studies:
Sydney Opera House by Utzon
Valencia Oceanarium by Candela
Maybe these will be of help to you.

In my work I would start by creating 1/2 of a roof shell as a component. Then make a copy and flip along mirroring axis and mate the two 1/2 shells together as a complete shell and create as a new component.

So how to make a 1/2 shell:

  1. draw X, Y and Z axes with tape measure guidelines, all intersecting.

  2. draw a new guideline ‘X2’ parallel to X axis, let us say 10 ft distant

  3. using the arc tool draw a horizontal 1/4 arc “trace arc” centered on intersection, XYZ, starting at intersection of X2 and Y axes and curving and ending at intersection with X axis

  4. draw a vertical rectangle starting at XYZ, then to intersection of Y and X2, then vertical 20 ft, then horizontal (call this edge Y2) 10 ft back to Z axis, and then close face by returning to XYZ

  5. Next with the 2 point arc tool, on the face draw an arc from intersection of Y and X2 to intersection Y2 and Z (diagonal from each other) and then bulge as you desire staying on face

  6. Next use offset tool: starting at arc (on face) and moving towards XYZ, 2 ft.

  7. with the line tool, complete the two 2 ft gaps in your arc, to create and close an “arc with thickness”

  8. erase edges of rectangle and remnants of offset, leaving you with a filled “arc with thickness” and original 1/4 “trace arc”

Now use the Follow Me tool to create your 1/2 shell with “arc with thickness” following 1/4 “trace arc”

Make your 1/2 shell a component
Copy and flip (mirror).
“Mate” two components next to each other with move tool.
Make a component of this assembly

Now the fun part
Make several copies of your assembly component
Use the scale tool to manipulate the height, width and length of the shells

Good luck and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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