Domes and arches

I need to draw a structure for someone that is composed of arches and domes. I need to make a roof that has an arched roof going in two directions - similar to the roofs of the sydney oprea house.
does anyone have any idea how i go about acheiving this shape?

any suggestions or links to a tutorial would be most appreiciated


See this example model and the video tutorials below for ideas.
Sidney-ish Roof Example.skp (314.6 KB)

Follow Me

Intersect with Model

Using Intersect with Model to Make Roofs

Complex Roofs and the Follow Me Tool

Two extensions were employed to create the attached model; Weld and FredoScale.
Visit the Extension Warehouse for those and other useful extensions.

Something like this:


Thank you Geo,
i will watch them


Thanks Gully, i will try this method