Need help modeling my first roof project

This might be silly… But I’m realy having trouble creating my roof.
Could somebody please have a look how I could do this.
Untitled.skp (104.7 KB)

Roof Modeling — Video Tutorials by Aidan Chopra

Complex hip roofs and the Follow Me tool

Using Intersect with Model to make roofs

Making hip roofs

Creating eaves for buildings with pitched roofs

Constructing gabled roofs

Building flat roofs with parapets

This thread is very comprehensive. I think it’ll cover you for all kinds of roof designs.

I’ll go back to my bridge now.

Those video tutorials should definitely get you to a solution. If you’re still looking for something specific to your model, I ended up with this: Untitled.skp (114.9 KB)

IHMO Darrell has correct approach. however you have several rake roof intersections as noted in PIC. They typically intersect the wall under the eve. Once you have the plan view then just move the ridges ( The rest of the geo will follow) up to location you want. The back section looks like it could be flat since it shows a cap line. It does not look like the chimneys intersect at the eve lines so you do not have to worry about crickets. It my be easier for you to model if you can divide the house into components so you will not have issue with sticky geo.