Create this kind of roof with free plug in


how can I make a roof like this with Sketchup Make 17?

I don’t want to buy extensions, just use free plug in.

What do you suggest?

see image here


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Do it with native tools. Check out the Learning Center. The Sketchup Fundamentals will teach you how to do your roof.

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It looks quite simple.
Drawing the roof’s main hipped shape as a flat rectangle, and then dividing it with a central ridge and 4 hips is basic drafting.
After that using the Protractor tool and/or Rotate/Move will let you create the 3d version…
Add the fascia around using FollowMe…

Group your geometry as you make each part to prevent parts sticking together unexpectedly.

To make the front ‘dormer’ make a simple gabled roof - you can draw the elevation-outline and PushPull it into the main hipped part.
Group it.
Select it and Intersect with the model.
The valleys will be auto-created.
Erase the unwanted parts.

The single-story roof can be made as the rest…


Roof Videos by Aidan Chopra

Complex hip roofs and the Follow Me tool

Using Intersect with Model to make roofs

Making hip roofs

Creating eaves for buildings with pitched roofs

Constructing gabled roofs

Building flat roofs with parapets

thanks to everyone, but I want also to design the structure under the roof:

Generally, the fascia can be as simple as a Push/Pull or Follow Me. Follow the advice above, then draw the profile of the fascia in 2D and use PP or FM to generate the geometry you want.

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Thank you!

Erika Pigni

I’ve done some of my roofs by creating an overhang profile including the slope of the roof, using follow me as Aaron says and then extending the rest of the roof from that, especially for hip roofs. In most cases the fascia, gutter and overhang have all the detail and you’ve done most of your roof model in a couple moves. Other times, working out the massing and roof planes comes first --especially if that is complex. Now I use Valiarchitects roof plugin for a lot . That’s a “paid” plugin.

TIG has a free roof tool.

Good or bad, I haven’t had one roof like another for years and most have something unconventional, so each job may be a different approach.

I do have a ‘Roof’ toolset
but this particular OP’s roof and its eaves/fascia is so simple, then it is just as easy to make it using the native tools - hence my simple tutorial…


Thank you so much!

Erika Pigni


I see this is somewhat off an old post. But I tried out this method. But it seems to get a hole in the center of the roof. I Measured the longest edge i think. But the area in the middle is so big that it the gable doesnt go all the way to the top. Any tips her? Test.skp (997.3 KB)

Follow Me really isn’t suitable for creating this roof. If all the roofs have the same pitch, their ridges will be at different heights due to the differing widths of the various parts of the building. It’s basic geometry here. You’d do better to draw each roof section separately and intersect them.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools. I gather this is a school assigment?

Hi Erika,
Very nice design, well done.
The suggestions you have received above (@TIG and @Geo) should be especially helpful. From my experience, I agree with using SketchUp native tools for your roof/eave/soffit modeling. By combining an increased understanding of SU, you will find the native tools very helpful and lead you to your desired results.
Good luck.


Thanks! I was wondering if this method always would work. But that makes sense.
I finished school not too long ago. So i have another account with the company I work for now, but seems I forgot to switch it on my webbrowser. It was just out of curiousity though :slight_smile:

If you use a roof generator as 1001bits tools, the ridge is pitched, which may not be suited to the construction, you can use solid components (dynamic) to create the shapes then outershell, union…
The geometry being more orthodox

Test (6).skp (1.5 MB)

I added a couple to your file