I am new here. Need to draw a hip roof

I can draw the roof but cannot get it to raise. it is not a pyramid hip roof, as there is a straight spot 10’ feet long in the middle.


Select only your middle ridge line, and with the ‘Move’ tool… Move the line UP along the z-axis (blue-axis).


In it’s simplest form, just use the follow me tool. Make a face with the desired roof pitch and use the tool as below.


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@JimD sometimes it’s necessary to toggle Auto-fold with the Alt key

Hi @frankiesfixes

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Cheat, save yourself, get the Valli Architects’ “Instant Architecture”. There are more steps than shown below in other responses. You can pretty easily do it yourself, too. Eh, practice both. Instant Roof is part of Instant Architecture (as is instant window, instant door, instant road, instant fence/wall and others). Go to extensions and type “Instant Architecture”.