Follow me and make a neat curved edge

As you can see from the pics I am trying to follow an arc to give a curved bead.
I know the edge is off because of the arc segments but is there an easy way of smartening it up.
I suppose I could put a plane on and intersect faces, unless you know a far better solution


I would generally make a detail like that extra long and then trim the ends to suit. What are you modeling? Share the .skp file and I’ll make an example.

Roof Bead.skp (474.6 KB)

Does something like this work?

For follow me tips see thisVideo by @TysonK

DaveR, that seems just the job.

I started by rotating the semi circle up so it was perpendicular to the intial plane of the path and ran Follow Me. Then I used Push/Pull to pull the ends out a bit and cut them off level at the bottom of the roof. A box and BoolTools 2 made quick work of that.

Thanks DaveR, it’s the way I would have probably got round to after an hours playing (I am not the fastest tool in the box). It is just a bit of a faff but its got to be done, Thanks Eddy

RLGL good video. I did think of that way but the roof has a compound curve. I will try adding little straights to the ends and see how it goes, Thanks Eddy

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