Need Help creating Curved Skin

So i’m trying some stuff on sketchup, but i can’t create any planes on this structure, can somebody help with tutorials, plugins or anything?

it starts with 2m height and the middle have 3m
(sorry for bad english).

Hi there.

I’m a beginner, but can you attach your file or a file with the specific problem?

If I’m not wrong, you want a round top with 2m of height in the edges from the botttom and 3m of height in the middle?

If it’s what I think, maybe curviloft plugin and this tutorial could help

If it’s that I think there are ways to do it with standard tools too, being more patient.

My apologies if this is not what you’re looking for.

Test.skp (369.0 KB)

I tried using follow me but one side is bigger than the other so it wont work
here is the file


is something like this what you’re looking for?

I also speak Spanish so if you do too, you can pm to help you to explain what you’re looking for.

Sorry if I misunderstood.

One example with Curviloft…

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with native tools…

you can just type the meters for the arcs, but this is badly done by eye…



Thanks both of you that was very usefull :slight_smile:

I suggest this tool and tutorial:

You can start with body. Create a simple tube and then modificate it with TGI3D.

It would be easier to start looking for some existing models in 3DWarehouse and check how they did it. You can even take some parts which could be useful for you. You can get crosscut section and copy its shape if you want.

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