Paint textures on curved surfaces

I know the ‘position’ option isn’t available for a texture on a curved surface, but I have a texture for corrugated steel for a “blister hangar” and when I apply it to the outside surface the corrugations run parallel to the ground plane, yet applying it to the inner surface they run the right way (vertically, around the curve). Is there any way I can make the texture orientation correct on the outer surface. (hope all this makes some sense to anyone else but me!)

Turn on Hidden Geometry and then you can rotate the texture on one face. Turn off Hidden Geometry, sample the texture on that face and apply it to the rest of the surface.

You can see how that works in this image. The figured mahogany texture runs horizontally (it’s 14 ft. long and about 13 in. wide.) so to apply it to the turned column, I followed the steps I outlined above to create the vertical texture.

It looks like the grain runs the wrong direction on the sides of the legs but it runs the length of the legs. It’s just curly grain.

orient the texture on a flat surface first then sample the texture and apply it to the curved surface.

Temporarily View the surface with Hidden Geometry > ON
Then you can use the Texture tool on just one facet to ‘position’ it as desired…
Now use the Material Browser > Eye-dropper tool to sample the correctly oriented textured-material and then use that material on the remaining surface[s] facets [switch OFF Hidden Geometry before doing this step so that it’s done in one step…]

If you have different orientations for different parts, then do the steps several times… and select only the facets you want to match in each step…

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