Display problem with mapping photo texture when covered faces


Hello My name is Maurice, and that’s three months I use Sketchup Pro 2015 and Thearender. I started making packaging and I have problems when I import textures on my models. Let me explain, I do first, an import template to calibrate my image. When she appears in my field window and I paint my model, this one is completely destructured.
Is anyone have an idea where the problem comes. This happens as well with .png files or jepeg.
I 8_64-bit Windows
Thank you in advance for your advice
Best regards from Paris, and Very good weekend to all



If you paint more than one face and they are not coplanar, then the texture gets destructured .
A way of applying it is to project the texture over the surface or install some plugins as Thrupaint or SKETCUV mapping tools(commercial one-if I remember well).
Maybe you can upload a printscreen to show us exactly what your are having problems with.


Ely862me Hello and thank you for your return. Here are some screenshot as you suggested me.
Thanks in advance.Prt_Sreen_1.pdf (1019.5 KB)
Prt_Sreen_2.pdf (912.1 KB)


Can you upload the model.
You can project the image on one half, then reverse the texture and project it on the other half.


I have studied this tutorial and it is with this method that I apply my textures,
but it does not change, even on other half to.
You will find the download my sketshup model file.
thanks in advance.Sun_3D Model.skp (2.2 MB)


I believe your problem is that you are trying to apply the texture over the group not directly over the surface.
As you can see I split the surface in two for the back and the front, and I applied the projected textures. I used the scale to have a clear texture over the entire surface and also I scaled with -1 to have the texture applied in the right direction.


Dear ely862me,
Thank you for this demonstration. I followed your instructions, I made 2 parts, but I still the same
problem. I beginning to wonder if there would have been a bug in the installation. > Please see attaached file.Prt_Sreen_3.pdf (72.8 KB)
Thanks in advance


Why don’t you share the latest SKP file instead of a PDF?


Hello DaveR
You got it on my previous message.


I am asking to see the SKP file with your results of applying the material AFTER following ely862me’s directions. From your PDF it doesn’t look like you followed them correctly.


It is quite possible after all, I only have two months of practice, I will continue my training on.
I keep you inform. Thanks



By looking at the skp you provided, the initial state of the texture is NOT in “Projected” mode.
See below to set the texture to “Projected” and then try it again. REMEMBER to re-sample the corrected texture first and then apply to the model.

I hope this helps and that this resolves the problem