Image as projected texture disappears

Hello everyone

I am new to sketchup and as a first project I’m trying to draw a house. I imported an image of the 2D floorplan, exploded it and I’m drawing on this image. The image is set to be a projected texture. I uploaded the model.

The problem is, when I do certain operations on the 3D objects on the image, it disappears (sometimes parts of it). For example, if I mark a rectangle on a wall and push/pull it down to create a door.

Strange (to me): I was able to make the door openings on the first floor, the problem only exists with the second one.

Thanks for any help.


File please? To see what you mean.

Use the marked icon to upload the model.

Ups, didn’t work the first time. Now the file should be uploaded. Thanks for the hint.

hausmodell V0.5.skp (759.2 KB)

When PushPulling a rectangular doorway through a wall, both of the wall’s faces must be parallel.
If you have not used rectangles to create the rooms/walls in plan and have not axis locked hand-drawn lines even the slightest misalignment can cause issues of left behind faces etc.
However, viewing the model temporarily with the Style’s Edges reset to be colored ‘by-axis’, it shows the ‘problem walls’ are indeed parallel faces.
But I suspect the actual pitfall is the current Model Info > Units settings…
These are set to snap to 1mm - if you uncheck that option, then clicking on the second face as you PushPull the first face back into it works every time - i.e. now no face is left behind unexpectedly.

Hello TIG, thank you very much for your answer! I did use rectangles to create the rooms, so all lines are locked to an axis. I changed the suggested setting, however it still happens. To make it more clear what my problem is, I uploaded two screenshots.

First one: before I push/pulled the rectangle on the left part of the screenshot:

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Second one: after push/pulling, the texture in the red circle is disappeared:

if you make your floor a separate group, it will not be affected when modifying walls…

If you view the model from below, you can see what is happening: The bottoms of the walls are open (you probably didn’t press ctrl before push-pulling them up to height?). When the doorway hits the floor (or if you draw any other line across the open bottom of the floor), SketchUp detects that there should be a Face and creates it. For some reason it also regenerates the Face that is the bottom of that room, which loses the image you had there previously.

Thank you both, now I know the reason for the problem and also a possible solution. I didn’t press ctrl before push-pulling the surfaces, so the faces have been lost. If I first group the texture, I can then close the walls from below and everything should work normal from now on.