Applying Textures to Muliti-surfaced object



Is it possible to apply a texture made with a JPEG to a model made with many surfaces.

I understand how to paint a single surface with a texture, but not a group of surfaces.

Another way to explain it is…can I project a texture (or image) onto a group of objects.


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if I understood this correctly,
The answer would be NO. you would have to explode them to give them all show portion of the same image in their position. (at least in native SketchUp)

I can think of ThruPaint by Fredo (part of Fredo Tools) for this purpose
but im not sure how to pull this off, as I also have failed trying doing so.
Anyone else?


Do you mean either of these.


i can’t be sure I am not the OP, but my understanding is that he wants to do the first one but in a simpler way?

rather than going into each one of all groups.

That’s why I thought ThruPaint would be useful.


Need more info, you can select multiple groups and paint them in one go but that may not be the issue.


Yes, both of those examples will be useful. Thank you for taking the time to make it so easy to understand.



Here is how I used your advice:

Since the surfaces were in two different planes, I had to use the projected option for the texture so that the full image was readable on the many surfaces.

Unfortunately, I had to click on every individual triangle which took about 20 minutes…smile…but worth it.

Again, thanks Box and all…


Looks worth the 20 min! :smiley:


Looks really cool for a store wall or something for a large public space