Project Texture onto groups?

So I am trying to project a texture to a stepped topography.
Each solid step is a group, for logical reasons.

I have checked ‘Projected’

But the texture does not get projected correctly unless I enter each group and paint the faces with the bucket tool.

20 minutes entering each individual group and painting so that the texture gets projected correctly.
Then topography model changes and I have to do it all over again…
Why can’t I correctly project a planar texture from the top onto grouped geometry? What is this? 1990?

Please if someone can enlighten me on how to achieve this greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Pretty easy…

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Hi, thanks for the video.

I notice V-Ray toolbar… Is this not possible in native/vanilla SketchUp?

I don’t own a V-Ray license and I have already expired my trial long time ago.

SketchUp already offers you the possibility to use the native tools to achieve what you want (Projected texture/Edit Group).
For those who want to work faster, there are extensions, that’s what they were created for. V-Ray offers such tools that help in certain specific situations.

But the beauty of SketchUp is that it allows you to use different native tools and get what you wanted, in this case… using Make Component

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I actually had converted all my components into groups. Because well, I don’t need to have multiple copies of the same contour, so a group was more appropriate.

I just tried with components and the result is still not right.

Project onto Components.skp (6.2 MB)

I can’t tell how your set up is different than mine. Is it necessary for texture to be at 0,0 and components to have axis at 0,0?

Edit: On further test it looks that is the case. Both Texture and all components axis must be at 0,0 for this to work.

You do realize moving the axis of each contour component takes more time than just entering each component and painting the face right?

Not only that, but my texture has a precise location in space same as my model, even if I move everything onto 0,0 and project successfully, the projections will match, yes, but it will not be in the correct place.

If everything is moved to Origin, my contours will get projected part of the chimney and trees instead of the left bottom portion of the house.

Watch the videos carefully, you need all the components to have the same point of origin for UV mapping.

I appreciate your efforts in trying to walk around SU shortcomings but I am afraid this is not a better solution than entering each contour group and painting faces manually.

You do realize that we already had a discussion on this topic, less than a month ago, and I showed you what to do, right?

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More tutorials the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series and Levelup series they cover the basics for each tool.

I don’t understand why you guys feel the need to be condescending with others. Treating everyone as if they are completely new to the software. Just because someone starts a topic it does not mean they are new. A topic can be started for an indefinite amount of reasons.

I know the software and I know it is not possible to do what I need, which, by the way is extremely basic in 3D modelling world and all other packages can do just fine.

You don’t have to get irritated because someone points out the flaws on a tool. Its not your tool, no need to take it personal.

Even if its the tool you happen to like, it does not mean its perfect or the best out there. I really astounds me to see grown up men behave so childishly. Defending a tool its not even theirs to defend. As if some were on this quest to prove everyone that the screwdriver is actually the best tool out there. Its ridiculous.

Granted, I might no know all the extensions out there, no one does. So that is why I ask for alternatives.

I find it extremely contradictory that some people keep referring to tutorials or documentation when SketchUp is the software that boasts the most about being extremely intuitive and easy to learn.

And let’s not even talk about people telling me I don’t know the software while linking to extensions. The hight of absurdity.

Like I said on my previous reply that for some reason got deleted… felling like Reddit already…

…that was for a different problem, aligning the groups axis to the object which has nothing to do with the problem at hand. Even if this extension can also be used to move the axis of multiple components to the origin you still have to create a component for each group, individually.

In any case, we were talking about achieving this natively and in the most efficient way possible. Not using another extension…again.

Natively it can be done entering each group and painting each face manually like I did.

Having to:

  1. Convert each group to component.
  2. Move texture to origin together with geometry.
  3. Download Eneroth Line Up Axis extension.
  4. Somehow use it to move all the axis of my components to Origin.
  5. Project texture
  6. Move geometry back to its original place.

Is not only making use of extensions but it’s actually less efficient time wise than just painting each face inside the groups.