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I am new to SketchUp. I was able to project a texture from a photo to a project. I know you can take the texture from one end of the model, rotate it and paste on the opposite end of project. I did it once, but can’t repeat it. Please help.

Once the material is in the model you can apply it to a face with the Paint Bucket tool. If you want to flip the texture, it first needs to be applied to a face (not a group or component). Then right click on it and select Texture>Position. You can then right click again and flip it.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am using a pc, I have photo on the front and side. I have selected the front, where do I go from here. With the paint bucket tool, I right clicked on that active face, but I don’t get a “Texture>position” option.

If you don’t have Texture.Position, you haven’t right clicked on a single face. You either right clicked on a surface made up of multiple faces or you right clicked on a group or component.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got. That’ll be better than trying to decipher what you are describing.

DonSlatt.skp (296.3 KB)

Thank you again for your help. It is so frustrating since I have done it before.

It would have been very useful to know this is regarding Match Photo.

So what you need really is to apply the Matched Photo image to the model? Open the Match Photo window and click on Project textures from photo. Once you’ve projected the image, you’ll have a texture in the Materials window that you can apply elsewhere if needed.

I think I am going to be OK now. Thank you for your help. I have done so many trials with this model, I think I forgot to “project the texture from photo”. I was sure I had done it, but apparently I hadn’t. Thank you again for your help.

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