Need coaching with photo textures

Hi All_ I’m a sometimes Sketchup user and am modelling a house from photo match before modelling a porch on it. I’ll try to upload the file so you can see what I’ve done: For now I’d like to be able to remove the photo textures that are left on the building. I’m not sure how they got there at this point… when I turn the model most textures disappear, but not the ones that stay on the north wing. Can someone help me out? After clearing the faces I will probably import textures and apply them. I’m obviously a learner here so any general advice on this model is appreciated. rosso house.skp (3.0 MB)


Could you please complete your profile so we know what features and techniques we can suggest? That’s going to depend on the version of SketchUp you are using.

OK, Done!

So you set up a Match Photo and then used it to apply textures to a few faces.

The image that shows on the extension were put there by clicking on Project textures from photo in the Match Photo panel.

Since the image isn’t projected onto the rest of the model, it will only show from the camera position that is part of the scene. You can get rid of the material from the model by editing the group that contains the faces and repainting them you can paint the default material or whatever other material you choose on those faces to replace the image.

There are overlapping faces on the door and the two windows on the left side of the extensions. Notice as you orbit how the colors flicker. You should probably fix those by removing one of the faces.

It almost looks like a piece of roof has a photo texture applied from some other photo. Was there another photo you tried working with?

You can project the photo onto surfaces on an individual basis by selecting them, and then right clicking and selecting Project Photo. You can also remove the photo by repainting the surfaces with another color or texture.

For best looking results, I often take one set of pictures from the corners for Match Photo use, and another set of pictures looking straight on just for texture use. They have fewer problems with parallax in doors and windows that way.

You have doors and windows that are applied outside the context of the building volume. that’s why they don’t cut in and create that duplicate surface problem @DaveR is describing.

rosso house.skp (7.0 MB)
I see that I must’ve selected" project textures" . And that I can just paint over the texture to get the white surface back. No way to delete projected texture once applied? Also I cut the back side of the north roof with push pull and more of the photo appears. Can anyone explain why this happens? Also, when I’m done working in photo edit and select “done” in the photo match window, I thought a new scene tab is supposed to be created? Is this only on earlier versions of SU? The only tab I have is of the photo I’m working from. I’m also struggling with the overlapping faces mentioned. I’m not sure what I did to make the doors and windows differently that made faces overlap. Is there an instructional vid that addresses this? Thanks for all the help.

You can delete the texture image from the In Model textures. That will get rid of it from the model.

It’s because of the way you projected the texture onto the model.

No. The only scene tab created by Match Photo is the first one when the image is inserted. It’s never made a second one.

As for the overlapping faces, it’s because of the way you’ve grouped things.

Thanks so much to all for the info on textures deletion and application. I’m still struggling with how some of the windows flicker and others don’t. And how have I grouped the ones that flicker differently (door as well)? My goal at this stage is to make a quick shell building of roughly accurate dimensions and to be able to move windows around on the lower level to help the customer figure out what she wants. I see the proper way to make a window is to cut a hole first, but doesn’t it make sense to make windows I can move around the surface since the walls are just the outside of a plane? When I start designing the porch I’ll create detail for all those elements.