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Hi all. I am relivetly new to Sketchup & especially xplane2sketchup. I am learning how to design buildings(objects), in Sketchup to import into my X-plane/Custom Scenery scenery. My question is where can I get photo textures of buildings to be able to use the photo technique that Justin Geis demonstrates in his tutorial #25 of “learn Sketchup in 30 days”, using Match Photo. My understanding is that you need to have camers views of at least 2 sides to be able to do this ?.
Can anyone help.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) which doesn’t offer the Match Photo option.

Most people take the photos themselves or hire photographers to go out and take pictures for them. They are “photo textures”. They are just photos of buildings.

You don’t have to have at least 2 views but it can be useful.

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Thanks DaveR, I knew that but was just hopeful that there were photo textures out there tnat other people had taken & used that were in the community for other people to use. I Mainly was wanting to practice with before taking my own.


You can often get 3D photo models from Google Earth or Apple Maps.
Or check out google street view.

How will you even practice this with SketchUp Free (web) since it doesn’t have the ability to do the Match Photo thing?

As @Le_Corb suggests you might find images from sources such as he listed. Google’s terms of service prohibit the use of their streetview and other imagery but maybe Apple Maps doesn’t.

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That’s a good point to keep in mind Dave- Regarding the terms of service. I’d say it’s only a concern if you’re putting it out to a large audience though?

At least I hope so, otherwise… :grimacing:


Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.