Google street view and SketchUp model

I am so new to sketch up and community. I have been searching in the community and online or videos to find an answer or sample…
Here is my short question :wink: I want [this google streetview]

inserted as background to my sketch up, What is the proper way of showing my proposed building in this street view? ( Please if you know any posting or video posted before I apologize and I will delete the post immediately )
I have checked the online and I do not see any practicing to complete such simple task. So if you share your style, software, techniques I will really appreciate.
Thank you.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using. Your profile indicates a version that does not exist.

Before you consider using the Google street view image in your SketchUp model, you should read and understand Google’s terms of service. It doesn’t allow for this sort of use.

If you are going to go ahead and use it as a background anyway, you could import the image as a texture and apply it to a rectangle set up as a background. Then use the texture push pins to square up the image a bit to remove the distortion. You probably won’t get it exactly right but as just a background, it’ll probably be close enough.

Another approach is Match Photo. The picture isn’t well suited to using match photo to then get textures from the image, but you could set it up as a match photo to make the adding of your own models with a similar perspective be easier.

Here’s a quick test (note, I did a number of settings changes that I’m not explaining at the moment, but nothing hard):

Which is why I didn’t suggest that option.

I knew that! But you can see my extra model bits look ok against the photo.

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DaveR, and colin; I really appreciate suggestions. Like I said I am so new, almost 2 weeks I am studying sketchup. Can I ask if both you can refer a tutorial? I will be so glad.
DaveR, I do not have sketchup personally, I am learning for my work, and my work pc have it. I do not know which version it was honestly.
Also I want to clarify, Can i crop this old building using sketchup? or I should use PS or something?