Photo Textures from Google Maps

Im using sketch up pro and I’m working to create a sit plan modeling some existing building. I have attached a you tube vid of what I was trying to follow but i’m lost when he gets to “photo textures”. I have no options that bring me to google maps as he is showing. Any help or advice?

You have been looking at a video from 2013. Things have changed drastically since then. Google sold off SketchUp because it no longer served their needs and they removed access to the capabilities shown in the video. Since 2017 terrain imagery and data comes from another source and Google’s Street View imagery is no longer available to use in SketchUp.

what a shame. that seemed like a very helpful tool. I had done some research and thought that was the case but I was hoping for a different answer from someone more familiar… thank you for your reply.

Sorry. Google sort of took their toys and went home. That was actually part of the deal when they sold off SketchUp. Their terms of use prohibit the use of their Maps-related imagery the way it was used in SketchUp.