I cannot find the contextual menu "Add Photo Texture" in order to use google street view/ sketchup 2019

Hi everybody!
I’m trying to apply a texture on a face using the “google street view”. My model is geo-located, but when
I select my face and choose: Edit > Face … the Add Photo Texture is not avaiable. See image bellow.

See bellow the same procedure where the user could access the “Add Photo Texture” contextual menu.

I have tried different locations, because I guessed that this issue was because I hadn’t google street view for my locations. But for all I coudn’t access the “Add Photo Texture” contextual menu.

I appreciate any help.

Thanks in advacne

That went away a long time ago. Google hasn’t allowed the use of their imagery for three or four years so you can’t add Street View images in SketchUp. The terrain imagery doesn’t come from Google either.

Thanks a lot. I lost a lot of time trying to figure it out… :sleepy: