Historical recreation of a building from plans



I’m a cartographer with a commission to model a former military installation. There are very few existing photos of the buildings, however I have excellent plans from archive. I would like to texture the faces of the models I’m creating (which were easy to do from plans), but I’m having trouble performing Match New Photo from the plans, which have a 2D perspective, of course.

Can anyone advise? Or else suggest a workflow that might make more sense? It is possible that it will be faster to redraw everything in Sketchup than it will be to simply use an imagine projection.


Match Photo is unlikely to be useful for this. Match Photo is for matching the perspective in photographs take with at least 2 vanishing points and clear lines running to those points. The images also need to be raw from the camera. No cropping or other editing.

Depending upon what you have in the way of images, it may very well be that it’ll be faster to draw the models from scratch. I do this often and generally import the image as an image to stand up in the background so I have it as a reference on the same screen as my model.

Can you share an image that you have?


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