Creating a building by using Photo Match


I’m trying to create a building, but as I import my photo and set my axis, in tracing my photos some faces are not recognized and the front faces of two parallel rectangular prisms are not shown on the same plane. May someone help me out. Do I need a better photo perhaps? Thanks.


That’s not a very good image to work from for Match Photo. this is about as close to being on axis as it’ll get and that’s not create. Look at the blue axis.

As for how the geometry is placed, that’s up to you. You’ll have to sort out where the faces need to be placed and control that yourself. You might find it useful to use guidelines to help you keep things aligned.

If that’s the only photo you’ve got of the building, I think you’d be better off to skip the idea of using Match Photo and just draw it out manually. Do you at least have some dimensions to work with?


I took that photo, I can take more, I just don’t know what would work good for sketch up. This is for a homework assignment at my university.


It would be better if you can take it from a little more to the right and from higher up so the building doesn’t appear to be falling over backwards quite so much. Make sure you have some good horizontal lines to use for alignment near the bottom.

Use the image that comes straight from the camera. No cropping or other image manipulation.


@dave told you probably everything :wink: but here is also good tutorial on official SketchUp YT channel


With the new photo, avoid zooming in. The more zoomed in it is, the harder it will be to find a vanishing point because it makes parallel lines appear more parallel. It’s a similar effect when you switch between parallel projection and perspective.


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