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I’ve been trying to learn how to use match photo, which is ideal when I just need to give a client my idea without having to go into much detail. Is there an easy tutorial to teach this ?

Start here:

Thanks Dave, quite honestly I have seen this video - I have see loads and they look easy to master but when I come to using the tool myself :frowning: :frowning: Disaster stikes

Maybe it’s because of the image you are using. Match Photo requires that the image have clear lines running off to two vanishing points on the horizon and that the image is uncropped. It doesn’t work well if you are using photos in which the camera was perpendicular to a wall or looking straight down a hallway, for example because you don’t have two vanishing points. There are other methods for dealing with those.

Share your photo and we can help you determine if it’s suitable for Match Photo.

oh that makes things easier - I haven’t even tried with this image but sending it to you anyway.

That image isn’t suitable for Match Photo. It doesn’t meet the requirement of having 2 vanishing points on the horizon.

Many thanks Dave, you have answered all my questions!! No wonder I was getting a disastrous outcome.
So for what do you recommend using match photo ? Buildings ?

I think it was original thought up for exteriors of buildings but it can be used for interiors as well. Here’s an example I made several years ago for a chapter in my ebook on advanced techniques.This is just screen grab from the model file.


Thank you.

Dave didn’t know you had written a ebook on advanced techniques. Where would I find it?

The Taunton Store sells both the eBook and the video.

Interesting. Just tried your link and the Taunton Store says does not support European Union due to Data Protection laws.

I just heard that from someone else today. Evidently this affects all of their electronic offerings. Unfortunately I don’t have any control over it.

I will try and contact them tomorrow and see if there is way around it.

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While not the most ideal photo, I think you can get close with some tweaking.
When one of the x,y axes isn’t too clear I find that a little adjustment on the green and red while keeping an eye on the z (blue) axis until it lines up can work.
If it’s for illustration purposes and you’re not planning to take measurements off of this then I would say it’s close enough to show an idea.

stairwell.skp (329.1 KB)


Match photo was the early version of the AR/XR viewers, today