Pointers to getting photo matching to work

Been trying to use the match photo tool and can only go so far with it. No matter how I set the lines as instructed, I can not get the model to orientate to the view of the photo. I believe I have set the 2 vanishing points and horizontal line but scaling puts the model out of wack. Also, I do not see how to set the third vanishing point for when the camera view is either slightly look up or down.

Can those who know, point me in the direction of how to use this tool correctly?

First you need to ensure that the image is suitable for Match Photo. It must not be cropped or otherwise manipulated. There is no setting for a third vanishing point. It should take care of itself when you properly set up the vanishing points on the horizon.

If I’ve got an object already modeled and want to add the Match Photo image, I find it easiest to set up the image in a separate SketchUp session. After getting it sized correctly, I’ll import the SketchUp model into the Match Photo model. I did that here.

If you share what you’ve got it’ll help us help you.

51 Rampton Road_r10b.skp (15.9 MB)

Attach is a stripped down version of the model photo-matching with Google street view image. Not the best image to use as I suspect there is some distortion. As such, also attach are screen shots and image I have taken. In this instance, I am using the roof eaves corner as my point of reference and note that my fence is well out.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Google Streetview images are not really suitable for Match Photo due to the distortion and the fact that the image has been manipulated so the center of the screenshot is not at the center of the original image so you shouldn’t expect good results. Google’s terms of use actually don’t permit this use of their imagery anyway.

You can see that you have to screw up the red and green perspective lines in order to get the vertical axis to run up the corner of the house. While that gets the vertical axis vertical it means everything else is wrong.

I would suggest going to the site and taking a proper photograph of the house to use. Maybe the roll-off tip will be gone, too.

When you do set up the proper photo, make the perspective lines longer than the edges you are using for alignment. The farther apart the end handles, the easier it is to make fine adjustments. Also try to use lines in the image that are on the same side of the vansihing point. Maybe like so. This still doesn’t make this image workable, though.

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The photo with roll-off tip is actually the photo that I have taken and is to be taken going forward. The GoogleView street image was used for my educational purpose.

With regards to the actually matching my ‘roll-off tip’ photo, I re-jigged the model to ‘fit’ using try and error and logically modifying the model.

Thanks for your reply. I consider the matter is closed.

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