Photo matching, What am I doing wrong?

I am trying to learn how to use Photo Match, but things aren’t working as expected.

I am using a photo of a location we are working on, which I happen to have some measurements for.
I am having difficulty getting the photo matching to agree with the measurements that were taken. Furthermore, I can draw lines that fit the photo, but don’t end up giving me logical results. For example, I modeled one side of the hallway. It fits the photo, but when I move the camera around, I can see that the bottom of this wall is well below the ground plane. There is a shelf on the other side, which I modeled starting at the origin point. It sits on the ground plane, but the size does not match the measurements I was given.

I am uploading the files.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks.hallway.skp (432.6 KB)

At the end of the process, did you do a Project Photo?

End of the process? I just started trying to model things and it’s just not right.

That’s not a good image for Match Photo. You need to have lines running off to two different vanishing points so you can accurately setup SketchUp’s camera. With the information you have in your diagram, you should be able to quickly model that hallway without the photo.

If you want to learn how to use Match Photo, find an uncropped 3/4 view of a room or a building and use that instead.

I find that hard to accept. That can’t be true.

Sure, I could model this from those measurements, but that negates the usefulness of Photo Match. If it can’t handle a photo like this, it’s fairly useless to me. When working on a job like this, I will have photos of the location like this to work from and I just have to deal with it. In this particular case, I see no way of photographing this hallway any differently to accommodate SketchUp. It’s a very plain hallway and should be simple to photo match. In this case, this building is in California, and I am in Ohio. It would have been extremely helpful to be able to model this hallway without flying out to California to take all of those measurements. Knowing only the door height or length of one wall should be enough.

If this is true, then I think I’m wasting my time.


If you don’t want to believe Dave, you can read through the photo criteria in the help (again)…

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@Cotty, thank you for looking up the link and posting it.

@Spaceboy64, as you can see, I wasn’t lying to you.

Copied from the link Cotty shared:

“Use photos taken at a roughly a 45-degree angle from a corner.”

"Make sure your image has two vanishing points. You’ll have a hard time adjusting the vanishing point bars if your image has only one, infinite vanishing point, such as a hallway or a long train track. "

So, your telling me it’s impossible to get accurate results from a photo of a hallway?

There are actually some lines perpendicular to the red axis. Why wouldn’t those work? There is that shelf or cubby in the foreground that is roughly on a 45 degree angle. Maybe I just didn’t place the vanishing point bars in the right place?

I have used other software that uses photogrammetry to create models from several photographs. SketchUp doesn’t have that capability? I’m limited to one photo?

I will try some of out other location photographs, but if I can’t get decent results for certain areas then this really limits the usefulness of this feature.