Match photo modeling need

Hello, here is image for matchphoto modeling, wich is my weakness. i dont know how work on it correctly. if this image is good for matchphoto modeling, can anyone help me and show me how create it well? thanks

Set up the red and green lines along edges in the image and set the origin at the corner.

To get the thing to the correct size. Trace something in the photo whose dimensions you know. Measure it with the Tape Measure tool clicking at each end and then type the correct distance.


Thank you DaveR, i try it now and i think its my first time i get it normaly.

Well, this time you have a reasonably suitable image. The last time you posted on this topic the image you were trying to use was not suitable at all.

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What happened over there?

WW2 )) This is an old unfinished building and owner wants rebuild this part and connect to his home

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