Match photo modeling

Hello, anyone if has a time, can you help me and correct my axis in matchphoto feature? i tried many ways but can not do it right. here is model and if anyone will help me i will be a very grateful.
(if anyone redit it and give me correct edition i also will learn how to use it)
matchphoto.skp (369.8 KB)

It’s not really a suitable image for Match Photo. You need to have lines at 90° to each other running off to vanishing points on the horizon. This image doesn’t really have that. You might get close using that concrete structure in the distance on the left but it’s far enough away and the front edges are so close to parallel to the image plane they will be very difficult to set up. The edges of the sidewalk to which you have the red lines set now are too close to parallel with the image plane, too. Can you get a more suitable image?

It’s important to not edit the image before importing it into SketchUp. It needs to be a raw, uncropped, straight from the camera shot.

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DaveR Thank you very much for replay, just now, after you replay, i sent my client message, that this image is not suitable and waiting for new images.

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You’re welcome. I hope that are able to get you a decent image. If the streets meet at a right angle and they ground is level, you might be able to use a photograph taken from a couple of meters to the left of where that one was taken. It looks like the street going off into the background goes uphill, though. If that’s the case, that’s not going to be useful.

Might be better to start with an aerial view of the property and just model the surrounding instead of trying to make it work for Match Photo.

In this case this method is not suitable.(i mean model with aerial view). there is no other way, i have to wait for new images and then i will post again anyway Daver.
Thanks again :pray:

Good luck!

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Dave is right that this isn’t very suitable for Match Photo.

But I’ve had a go and got something that is better than yours, but not ideal, using the part-built concrete construction on the left.

The horizon is still a little low - you could try raising it a bit!

I’ve saved the model back to v2021.
matchphoto SU2020 JWM.skp (370.8 KB)

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Thanks John :heartbeat: but yes, it is not perfect.

I tried this new one and please when you will have time just check it. what you think about this axes? your ideas are very important for me
m1.skp (386.0 KB)

It’s still not an appropriate image for Match Photo but maybe it’s close enough. As I wrote yesterday, you need to have lines in the image that run off to two vanishing points on the horizon. You don’t seem to have that in this image, either.

You can see how the vanishing point thing works with this image.

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DaveR yes, i know you told me, but there is different situation. City hall is asking for 2 views, and i need to create one from this view. i can not come on this place and take image with me :frowning_face:

OK. I get that City Hall wants what they want but City Hall won’t change the way Match Photo works. You’ll have to settle for close enough and move on from there.

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:grinning: you are right. i have to try this one. if it will not work perfectly, then i will go on this place and take pictures with me. thanks again

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And bring a measuring tape to take some key actual measurements.


I feel like this needs to be on a t-shirt or something…