Match Photo perspective is wrong

I am trying to use the following image to do a Match Photo on the photo below. After aligning the dotted red and green perspective lines per the instructions, and placing the origin at the front top left corner, you can see that the perspective resulting is far from correct (e.g., the blue Z axis line is tilted to the left much more than the left vertical edge of the cabinet in the photo). I realize that the resulting perspective is extremely sensitive to the exact placement of the dotted perspective lines, but even after trying various adjustments of these dotted lines, I still cannot get SketchUp to come close to the perspective of the image. Help would be much appreciated.

That’s really not a suitable image for Match Photo. A good image for that requires two vanishing points on the horizon. It must also be uncropped. Yours has one vanishing point on the horizon and one below the model. Can you get a different image?

BTW, your forum profile shows you are using the “Free Plan” which is the web based version of SketchUp. Your screenshot clearly shows you are using SketchUp Pro. Please update your forum profile. That information helps us help you if it is correct.

As @DaveR says, the Red and Green vanishing points are supposed to be on the horizon, and as one of them starts to approach infinitely far away as happens when you look straight on at something, MatchPhoto starts to get flaky and unmanageable. I’ve never even tried what you tried there, and I’m surprised it got as close as it did.

The hack that you can do with that image is to rotate the photo 90° in a photo editor so it’s sideways and then import it. Yeah, you’re working on the furniture piece lying on it’s side, but it works. When you’re done, just turn the piece right side up.


As was mentioned, this is not a photo that you shoudl use with match photo… check out this video for examples of what is good and what is… not…

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Thanks Robert. I rotated the image 90 deg and saved it. Then pulled it in via Match Photo BUT it came in unrotated!!! I did this using several different editors, and got the same result. Any ideas?


Never mind! I used Photoshop and it got pulled into SU correctly.


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