Having Difficulty with Match Photo Feature

Hello community. I have this aerial photograph of the Freeway Park in Seattle, Washington. As I couldn’t get my hands on any decent blueprints of this park, I decided to try the Match Photo feature in SketchUp again. To be honest, I’m a little scared of this feature because I’ve never managed to get the hang of it.

So far here’s my result, which as you can see is a total fail. I more or less managed to get the right side blocks identical to the photo but instead the left block’s blue axis goes the wrong way.

I can’t seem to adjust the blue vanishing point and this photograph has a wide focal length. Would anyone be so kind to help me through this? I’d be very grateful. I’ve read this article many times but I still can’t figure it out. YouTube tutorials are great but I couldn’t find one that has an aerial photo from above in them. Thanks in advance!

That’s not a good image to use with MatchPhoto. It doesn’t have two vanishing points on the horizon which you need. It doesn’t even have a horizon.

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So the help seems to be right… (I think it’s not a useful photo for this tool too.)

“Make sure your image has two vanishing points. You’ll have a hard time adjusting the vanishing point bars if your image has only one, infinite vanishing point, such as a hallway or a long train track. Similarly, images taken with a very long telephoto lens (or a satellite or aerial image) also make adjusting the vanishing point bars difficult.”

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@DaveR, @Cotty, thank you guys. Apparently, I have to ditch this photo and try something else.

Maybe you could reference this …

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Oh my God! @jimhami42 you’re a life saver. I looked in the 3D Warehouse, but it turns out I wasn’t attentive enough, the model was right under my nose. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :thumbsup: