SU Match photo troubes

Hi! Something wrong with world orientation in my SketchUp Pro 2018 while matching photo. I build connetction points with bars but axis goes to a different point. it is shifted. How to fix it? thanks

I don’t know. That looks messed up, and I don’t think I’ve seen it before. The yellow square for the origin doesn’t correspond to where the three axes come together either.

Graphics card issue, maybe? Have you been able to make Match Photo work before with your equipment?

I think you’ll find the photo isn’t suitable for match photo. It has to be an original uncropped and unmodified image.
Your image appears to be distorted, probably wide angle or some other adjustment to focal length. The columns are leaning out.

what you are seeing there is the right hand “vanishing point” not the “point of axis”. The axes point will have the three color axis lines on it. Try setting your bars more accurately and the axes point should appear.

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Photo is OK, right from the phone.Not distorted or cropped.

I have it, It is just on tree.

Or on this picture

My grid isn’t even parallel to bar

Can you share the photo?

This is original photo

One possible arrangement of the perspective lines…

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And another one. I couldn’t tell if the blue wall to the right of the tree runs the right way to use its edges.

FWIW, I find it easier to set up the vanishing points if I make the red and green lines longer. Tiny movements of the end points don’t have as much affect.


Started modeling and looks OK…

match.skp (315.4 KB)


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