PhotoMatch Problem

I try to do Photomatch but never seen this problem, I make new axis point but when insert the photo my origin is off from the axis point and change all perspective possible for a correct photomatching, I try different points and photos but same. Please help I have several renders to do!

The image you show is not suitable for Match Photo. In order for Match Photo to work, your image must have two vanishing points and must not be cropped or otherwise manipulated. Your image doesn’t have the two vanishing points.

Thank you for your response , but is an original photo format and I made this type of photos before, my question is how to move the origin point (Yellow square) to my 0 point on my axis? That is the problem on this Sketchup 2019.

Your aren’t able to just grab the origin point and move it?

You can move as normally you move the origin, but not to the axis point, if you see on this image is away from the axis by default. I never have this issue before.

That certainly looks messed up. The yellow square should be where the red, green and blue axes come together.

Correct, that is exactly what I try to do, but look like is not option to put the yellow square on the right spot.

If you were to upload the SKP file so we can have a look, we might be able to give you more guidance.

Here is the file, is already some scenes there. thanks guys!

I don’t see it.

Is not uploading, were can I upload?

File size is probably too large. Upload to Drop Box and share the link.

I put it in Dropbox. Hopefully you guy can find the proplem. Thanks again.

I was able to move the yellow square to the origin. Unfortunately your model was created before the Match Photo settings were done correctly so it kind of screws up the image relative to the model.

As I said before, your image really isn’t suitable for Match Photo since it doesn’t have the two point perspective that is required.

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How do you move the axis to the yellow point?

Yes, I think it’s too close to a one point perspective to work. It’s like trying to sail a sailboat into the wind; there’s a limit how much you can turn into the wind before it gives up and doesn’t work. You can match a photo that is a two point perspective, and then you try with ones that get closer and closer to one point perspective, and eventually the software gives up and won’t do it. As you adjust the guidelines to where they need to be, the model seems to vanish.

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I just grabbed the yellow square and moved it until the square and the origin came together.

I see that but normally moves together, that’s what I’m trying to do but thank you for your help!

Yes. They do if you are setting up the Match Photo image before you’ve added the geometry. It looks strange now because you created the model before setting up the image correctly and of course because you don’t have the requisite two vanishing points in the image.

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