Relocating the origin in a Match Photo

I think this may be a feature request, as I’ve not figured out a way to do this.
If I am mistaken, please correct me (and show me how!)

I have a large site model already built. I would like to match some photos. However, I cannot relocate the yellow origin point to a sensible point within my already built model.

I can move the entire model to position the point at the model origin, but that throws everything else off. Seems like it should work if I used the “move/reorient the axis” tool prior, but it doesn’t. If only I could just right-click the yellow point and move it to a corner of the building in view (as opposed to the middle of the parking lot at the other side of the site). As it is, the accuracy of the zooms and moves is diminished as I have to be zoomed out so far to see the “origin”

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FYI: SketchUp calls the feature “Match Photo”. (I edited the topic title accordingly.)

(shameless User Guide link)

photo match/ match photo / whatever :wink:
Thanks, Chief.

I agree; any time you have multiple photos of an object/building, it can be really hard to position the origin (especially since the “origin” might be perfect for one photo but hidden round a corner or behind a bit of the object/building you are modeling in another)
A way to define the origin for each photo-matched scene would be very useful/helpful. +1 from me.

Hi, I also came up to this exact issue. How I would solve it:

  • Allow moving of the origin within the model
  • Also it would help not moving the camera when importing. What I do is to preposition the camera where I think it will more or less match the photo, but when importing the photo, the camera changes I don’t know based on what.

My current workarround:

  • Create a temporary new group or component, with just a rectangle, in the place where you expect the origin to be, edit that group, and the import the photo. The origin will be in the component.


you can simply set the origin (with the axes button or tools menu > axes) just before you start the “match new photo…” option. that way you’ll have a different origin for each photo match you created, just like any other scene you’d have saved

This sets a user drawing axes and it’s origin.
It does not actually change the model origin or axes (which cannot be changed.)

Ok, much better than my workaround thanks! (hadn’t used the axes tool before).