Hello newbie with some questions on Photomatch

Hello I am new here and my handle is Leo Sketchup Man.

I am an enthusiast for architectural design and computer modelling programs.

My first question relates to Photo match problems.

What do you do when, on importing a photo, the blue axis is not where you want it?

I believe the correct approach is to start with some geometry and import the photo.

I can move end of blue axis with yellow box but how to move angle of blue axis when it is not ar required value. I cannot see any box that you can grab and make adjustments.

It is true you can move base via yellow box but that is only at one end of line unlike red and green axis.

Also if you start with photo and then import geometry as a component must axis have its origin in the same place: photo match origin must be in same place as geometry axis?

Thanks in advance.

Grab the origin and move it to where you want it.

There isn’t supposed to be anything to grab to adjust the blue axis direction. It is set by default relative to the red and green axes when you adjust the positions of those lines. If the blue axis won’t align with some vertical edge in the image after you’ve set the red and green lines, the image isn’t suitable for MatchPhoto. See the following Help article.

No. You can move the component to the correct location after importing it. Depending on what you are modeling you might want to create geoometry to match the imported image so you can look at it from different positions around the model space.

One thing that dragging on the blue axis does is to scale the whole scene. If you’re using a template with a scale figure for example, you can drag the blue axis until the scale figure and a doorway seem to be about right.

The top of Sumele’s head is at about 5’ 4". She should appear to be 75% of the height of a typical doorway.

Another option for resizing the image is to trace an edge in the image that is of a known distance. Then use the Tape Measure tool, clicking at each end of the edge to resize the model. I find this easier to get right than dragging up or down the blue axis.