Blue axis not lining up with building

Hi Sketchup Masters. I studied all weekend and now I will try to put all the thijngs I have learned into a drawing for a customer. My first issue was that the blue vertical line does not sit at 90 degrees. The original photo contains a lead edge on the building that is 90 degrees. I can’t really start the modeling if it is not at a right angle. Is there a way to true up the modeling grid so that all the lines line up? Thanmkyou in advance for any suggestions/help you may be able to offer. RoB

Can you share the image you started with or the SKP file as you have it now?

Can I attach the SKP without leaving this page?

Click the reply button on this page and then the upload icon at the top of the reply window (seventh from the left, looks like a little block with an upward arrow).

File is too big for uploading
So I sent it to you via the cloud
Thankyou Dave

Downloading now. I think just the image file would have been sufficient in this case.

Well, that image just isn’t suitable for Match Photo. Most likely it has been cropped from the original image. From the appearance of the shaded side, it looks like it’s had some other editing applied in an attempt to bring out the detail in the shadows so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was cropped, too.

If you noticed in your studying, there are two essential requirements for an workable image. First, there need to be parallel lines that run off to vanishing points on the horizon. You seem to have that. The second is the image must not be cropped nor have any perspective correction applied.

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Dave, as usual you beat me to the punch, but I was also going to observe that the photo appears to already have been adjusted (perhaps to reduce converging verticals) such that it does not have two-point perspective any longer. Match photo can’t undo the prior edits.


The camera wasn’t heldthat strraight, so I rotated that image a little so
the closest corner was “plum”

That’s enough to cause the problem in this case.

Dave…This is the original image (uncropped/unedited). Problem was that
the camera wasn’t help squarely. Perhaps I can rotate it in SU? Have a look
if you get time. And as always, Thankyou!


Are you sure that’s the unmodified image? It doesn’t line up any better than the one in your SKP file.

How could sketchup know that I scewed the photo, effectively straightening
the image?

SketchUp doesn’t know, and that’s the heart of the problem. Match photo assumes you haven’t done things like that.

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SketchUp doesn’t know you screwed up the photo and wouldn’t straighten it automatically. The image you uploaded isn’t usable for Match Photo, though.

Did you try setting up the image of the barn I supplied to you earlier? You never responded after I upload it.

Not positive, but I think it’s unedited. Uncropped…Possibly lightened up
a little because it was dusk.


Maybe you need to go take another photo.

I have other photos…I’ll try again and again til I figure it out…I
love the program.

For photos like this, you can do it in 2 stages: first get a ‘best fit’, project photo, then edit the fill and move the pins to distort the image to fit the face. But don;t expect to get any accuracy from it - it’s only aesthetics.
Mattress.skp (1.4 MB)