Match Photo and Axes

Match Photo has been my favorite tool for ages, and I can’t count how many times I’ve used it, mostly for existing building exteriors, not interiors. With exteriors, I guess I never really hit a problem with the axes origin because, if every picture includes the whole building or object, the origin is somewhere in the photo even if around the backside somewhere, but I seem to be finding that to be a problem with interiors. Tell me if what I’m finding is normal. The help files aren’t really addressing it.

Here’s an example:

What you’re looking at is an interior photo brought in as a new match photo when the axes origin for the model is actually about 180° around behind the camera. Even though I roughly lined up the model view with what the photo looks like, SU changed the POV to looking back at the native axes origin instead of what I picked. (I had to zoom way back to see that you’re looking into the corner of the room and wide angle distortion is wicked)

Here’s what it should look like when I get it to work:

To get this I find I must:

  • first use the Axes tool to relocate the model axes where I’m going to want the Match Photo axes to be,
  • and then do the whole import photo as new Match Photo routine.

Also, Axes Location is greyed out for Match Photo scenes, and I’m finding that you can’t edit the model axes location and make it stick after you’ve created a Match Photo scene. In other words, if you didn’t set the axes where you needed them before starting the import, you’re only recourse is to throw away the scene and start over.

I’m getting good results now with this method, but wonder if I’m missing something or doing something unnecessary. As I said, I’m not finding many specific references to this.


This is interesting to read, because I’ve just used Match photo for an internal build.

I’ve used the external one no problem.

When I did the first Internal Match Photo, no problem. But, when I then wanted to do the other end of the room and imported the second photo to use, I was finding that the model was going in the wrong direction. 180 degrees in the wrong direction on the green axis.

For the life of me, I could get my partly started model, created with the first photo, to go in the right direction.

I made a complete guess and right clicked on the origin point in Match Photo, and I saw an option to flip the origin, (can’t remeber the exact term). So I did. And it seemed to work.

I’ll be trying it again soon to try and replicate what I did. I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to work.


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Hmm. All I get is this:
43 PM
Rotating 90° once or twice doesn’t seem to help in this case. Twice just puts me outside the building looking in the right direction. Where the model axes are when you start the import seems to be critical.

That was the one I tried, the Rotate 90 degrees one.

Apologies for the incorrect term earlier.

I found it seemed to turn the model around the correct way for my second photo, so I could place the axis for the second photo. When I then returned to a normal model view, the axis were back at their default position.

This is something I need to play around with more.


I found I could get myself pointed in the right direction, but not standing in the right spot, and nothing seemed to be able to fix that problem.

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