Match Photo - incorrect vanishing points

Hi talented people,

I have a little problem with the Match Photo function. As seen in the attached located with white arrows, the green and red toggle points along the yellow horizon line are not at their respecting vanishing points (the toggle points are supposed to be exactly where the vanishing points are supposed to be, correct?).

Thanks, it would be great if you could help me out.

That image doesn’t appear to have lines running off to the two required vanishing points. Share the actual image so we can take a loser look at it.

Your red and green lines are clearly not placed correctly.

Also see this:

I’m aware that the vanishing point bars aren’t yet aligned with the image. But my main issue is where the buttons aren’t on the vanishing points themselves. The very first image in your link is a good example, where there are red and green toggle buttons at each vanishing point. My model on the other hand doesn’t have these buttons where the vanishing points are.


Share the .skp file.

I have those points shown here.

Issue solved: I just copied everything into a fresh new SketchUp file and it seemed to fix the issue.
Thanks for your help Dave.

There are no buttons in the vanishing points. The only way to indicate the axis directions is to use the four direction bars.

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There actually are handles at the vanishing points and it is possible to move them directly without using the 4 bars.

@ atlas There must have been a glitch with your origin since the big yellow square should be the origin and it doesn’t match your axes