How to match photo


Evening all

I’ve had a brief search on here and a look over some you tube clips but can’t find a clear start to finish on a how to on using the ‘match photo’ feature in sketchup.

I would like to include this chaise lounge into an Edwardian sitting room design I’m currently working on, but I seem to be spending more time than I can afford on searching and working out how to do this on my own.

I’d massively appreciate any tips you guys could give me or perhaps point me to a good tutorial that I can follow.

Many thanks



Unfortunately, that image doesn’t meet the requirements for Match Photo. The first thing you need in a photo is two distinct vanishing points. And second, you need some straight lines running off to those vanishing points for setting up the alignment in SketchUp. Third, the image needs to be uncropped and unmanipulated. Basically it needs to be exactly as it comes from the camera.


Thanks Dave.

Is there a way I can achieve the two vanishing points from a photo like this? Maybe taken from a different angle? I didn’t take the picture myself but could get another uncropped etc. And there’s not many straight lines on the piece of furniture for the alignment.

It’s a piece I will be re-upholstering so it’s the shape of the furniture I need more than the colour or texture if that makes any difference.


You can’t add vanishing points to a photo. You could take a different photo at a 3/4 angle which would help but without some good lines to align to, you’ll only be able to get a very rough approximation.

Instead, I would probably take a straight on side view of it with the camera’s image plane parallel to the side of the piece. Then I would import it as an image and use it as a guide for drawing the model. Adding end views and a view from straight above would help as well as taking as many dimensions as you can.


Thanks mate.

I’ll have to revisit and take some photos and dimensions for myself and set to work on trying to recreate this. In the mean time I shall look on 3d warehouse to find a substitute for including in my presentation.

Always appreciate your help Dave.




Good luck.

You might find something similar in the Warehouse. I don’t know, though.


I’m looking now and my hopes aren’t high to be honest. If I manage a decent effort in drawing one, I’ll share it.