Matching a second photo to a model- beginner stuck!

Hi there, I’m a SketchUp beginner, just getting to grips with the tools and process. I’m following along a course on LinkedIn learning to model a house from a series of photos.

The course provides photos assets to use so I’m working from the same assets as the tutorial.

I 've used a first matched photo to generate a partial model of the front of the house. Everything is aligned pretty much exact (as in the video tutorial).

But when I move to a match a 2nd photo - a slightly different front angle of the house- to my model, I can’t get it to align. I’ve matched the axis, scale and origin point as best I can, but it seems well off compared to the tutorial. Some of the Y-Axis elements don’t even seem to run straight on against photo 2 when they are definitely straight against photo 1.

Can anyone please advise where I might be going wrong? I cant see how I can get the matched photos to match any more?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!

Here’s the course:

Thank you for any assistance in this beginners error- file attached
my attempt at a house.skp (2.9 MB)

Can you get things to line up if you import the second image into a new SketchUp session? Can you upload just that second image?

Second photo attached.
Sorry for being daft- the model i’ve made is in one session. If i loaded the photo into a seperate session, how can i match it to the model in the first session?


I was suggesting that you first see if you can get things aligned with this image in a separate file so you can test to see if the image is even usable for Match Photo. It’s not unusual to have photos that aren’t.

Did you take this photo yourself? Has it been edited in any way?

All the images have come from an exercise pack provided with the follow-along tutorial linked in the first post, and the videos that form that tutorial use those exact same photos- so they should be suitable.

Step for step, I’m in the same position as the tutorial, except when the chap in the video loads 2nd image he manoeuvred it to match with the model he’s made so far. I, however, have some clear discrepancies.

I see. I thought that was your house.

Did you change the model axes before inserting the new image? I can’t look at your uploaded .skp file right now so I can’t tell. So assuming that the second image is suitable for Match Photo another possible reason for trouble is if you didn’t get the vanishing points established correctly for the first image.

Little bump. Is anyone able to help shed any further light on where im going wrong please?