Matching a finished model, to a finished project

So I have a completed model, and I have a completed house built from the model

I know the match photo tool will help me build a model from a photo, or project a photo onto a model.

But what if I was trying to re-create an image using SketchUp that was taken in real life?

So far, I’ve used the watermark feature to attempt to match the image to the model, but it seems like no matter what I do, I can’t get the angle right. And yes I’m messing with the perspective, and yes I’m sure that everything we built is very accurate to the model.

My goal is to lay a photo of the model over a photo of the real deal, and then do a linear transparency on one of the photos. Like this:

Obviously I know it’s possible but I have no idea how to make it work with this picture for some reason.

Also, style and visual ideas are very welcome!

For Match Photo to work you need an uncropped image withhorizontal lines clearly running to two vanishing points on the horizon. Your first image looks like it would work reasonably well for that. There are a couple of ways that you could work with it to combine with your model. You could start a new file, import the image and set it up making sure the image is sized correctly. Then copy the house model and paste it into the file with the image. Or you can import the image into your existing model and set it up. I generally prefer the first method because I can usually get the image set up more easily without the model present at all.

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Thanks, Dave. Actually, I was able to set up the match photo thing very well. But now i wish i could remove the matched photo overlay, and leave the camera exactly where it is.

Go to the Styles panel, choose the In Model style, Edit tab, Modeling settings. Turn off the images.

I would also suggest turning on ALL Properties to Save in the Scenes panel and creating a new scene. When prompted, choose to create a new style.

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Very good.

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Yea, pretty close! It turned out great!

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