Match existing model with photo

I have a model of a road that I need to insert in a photo. I watched many videos but I am not sure if I should first import the image as match photo, define the vanishing bars based on the photo and then import my existing model or if I should import the model first, import the image, and define the bars based on the model?
I am confused because the model of the road is not on a straight line. The road has many curves so basically defining an axis is not easy for it. I wanted to upload my model but I get the message that it is too big. If you need to take a look at it, I can upload it in another way? Thanks

Put the model on a file sharing service such as Dropbox. Then put a link to it in the forum.

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I got the wetransfer link:

The model needs to be located on this photo to resemble this view: There are 2 big viaducts that more or less need to be located on the places that you see on this photo:

Your photo is not really well-suite to use with Match Photo. You need to have clear lines running off to two vanishing points on the horizon in order to set up SketchUp’s camera correctly for Match Photo.

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Yes @DaveR, It is not suitable but I need to perform this task and there is only this landscape photo available so I though to give it a chance. Of course, it does not need to be perfectly aligned like the matching I saw people do for buildings and interiors.

OK. As long as you’re aware of that. So go ahead and set things up the best you can and then import your road model into the file with the Match Photo image and use Move and Rotate to get into place as best you can.

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It will probably be easier for you if you use the Watermark and Camera > Field of View to match the model with the picture. Then render without Watermark photo and overlay in Photoshop.


I have tried watermark @mihai.s. But The scaling works better with photo match.
I kind of managed to get something roughly. I need to export the photo and the model in this window. When I export it as 2D graphic as this attached photo, I also see the background and seems that resolution of the model is reduced so much!

How can I export only the photo and model without anything in the back with higher resolutions?

File > Export > 2D Graphic… > PNG > Options
Set Image Size with Transparent background